Welcome to the Sailor moon NeoCrystalEdit

It about as a teenager and her scouts and two new scout come out from the shadows and the starlights to comes out to

Story Edit

The scouts are now mothers and had chirden of there own

and and the Sailor Quartets are New age scouts

and the 4 scouts that was Queen Serenity Scouts have 4 chiden

mercury ,mars,,venus had there daughters and there daughters became the 4 Starlight scouts.

Sailor Neo ScoutsEdit

Sailor Neo Moon

Sailor Ceres

Sailor Juno

Sailor Pallas

Sailor Vesta

Sailor Antiza

Sailor Havensoul

Sailor Seraph

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Comet

Sailor Sun

Neo Sailor Starlights

Neo Sailor Starlight Mars

Neo Sailor Starlight Mercury

Neo Sailor Starlight Venus

Neo Sailor Starlight Jupiter


20th Century Sailor ScoutsEdit

Celestial Sailor Artemis

Celestial Sailor Moon

Celestial Sailor Mars

Celestial Sailor Mercury

Celestial Sailor Venus

Celestial Sailor Jupiter

Celestial Sailor Sol

Celestia Sailor Neptune

Celestial Sailor Uranus

Celestial Sailor Pluto

Celestial Sailor Aster

Bad guysEdit

Sailor Nemesis